Our Real Estate Family

Real Estate Professionals with a Family Story that aligns with your new beginnings

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The Drumm Family's mission is larger than a mere real estate transaction.  We go far beyond standard industry expectations because it not just our job: it's our name, it's our family, it's our reputation.  This is lived out in three ways: a deep desire to gain the trust of our clients, a conviction to have our clients look back on an experience with us and speak positively about it, and the ability to learn quickly as markets, technologies, and strategies change in our industry.

We are a family based team of Realtors who are also advisors, strategists, marketers and consultants.  Shauna, along with her husband, Kevin, and brother-in-law, Sean, are the top producing agent of The Drumm Family Real Estate Services, part of Seven Gables Real Estate’s Tustin Office.  We were excited about building a business with people we love and trust, whom we could count on through all the moments that go with creating something significant.


We create unique marketing to showcase a property’s features and the benefits one would have from living there. Additionally, we utilize new media to describe the lifestyle that goes with a home.  We give our opinion on every decision a person might make through the real estate process in order to help them use our experience to their benefit.

We have three attributes that our team stands by -- honesty, integrity and results,” Kevin says. “In our industry, many agents possess some of these but very few have them all.  In our profession, we carry the responsibility to be someone our clients trust.  We know how life transitions are a difficult emotional journey and how hard the transition into a new home or leaving a familiar one can be.  We are good, honest people that will guide the way.  Our mission is to be a lifetime resource to our clients and to be people they can always count on.

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Kevin Drumm

Kevin is always one to lead by example. He received his Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering from Loyola Marymount University and later acquired his masters degree from the University of Southern California. After years of work in the technical field, Kevin found his passion in real estate. His attention to detail is key in the success of organization and market planning for our sellers. His clients have come to rely on him as more than a typical real estate agent, but as a consultant constantly monitoring the value of their real estate holdings as well as their financial goals. His passion for excellence pushes him to assist his clients in achieving their goals. He prides himself on staying ahead of the curve when it comes to presenting creative solutions. In fact, he’s extremely adept at assisting his clients in finding the best option for them. But no matter what your real estate needs, Kevin's well-rounded residential and investment knowledge will help you maximize your real estate dollar.  CalBRE#01821235

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Kevin and Shauna are married.

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Shauna Drumm

To know Shauna today is to know a woman who sets her sights high and backs them up with a non-stop pursuit of her goals. This “full speed ahead” approach propelled her to earning her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Cal-State Fullerton. Typical of her driven personality, Shauna had discovered her true calling for real estate prior to earning her degree. In fact, she spent her last year of college also working full-time in real estate. Never one to do anything halfway, Shauna has built an impressive resume since entering the real estate industry. She quickly developed a true passion for the industry, not only excelling in serving her clients but also becoming an expert real estate investor herself. Her success quickly led to her building an impeccable reputation throughout the communities she serves. She continues to share her wealth of knowledge while providing her clients with exceptional service. She treats clients as if they are family and she states, “her clients are clients for life.”  CalBRE#01454094

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Shauna is the mother of 3 boys and 1 girl.

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Sean Drumm

Sean has always been determined to help people. He earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Science from West Virginia Weslyan where he studied Kinesiology and Health Promotion. He then began work in a physical therapy clinic helping patients rehabilitate their injuries. Sean took this motivation and brought it to aiding homeowners in the biggest purchase of their lives. Sean has a natural gift of relationships, he’s intrigued by the diversity of the human race. His dedication to guiding people through the process of buying and selling a home has made The Drumm Family the team that will be lifelong agents to our clients. Sean recognizes the importance of assisting buyers and how that positively affects our sellers. Sean has a love for matching the right property with the correct family. Sean is dedicated to the belief that families need more than just a house, they need a home. Sean’s impact exceeds far beyond your normal sales, he has taken a leadership role in the family community. This enthusiasm of his has fueled his success.  CalBRE#01821234

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Kevin and Sean are brothers